Friday, January 11, 2013

laura visits our city

today we were lucky enough to have a visitor, laura came to visit! laura is eric's cousin and every time i'm around her, i count my blessings for marrying into a family i love. although she lives in Washington for school, she makes an effort every time she is home to visit our family. we sure love her visits, keep em coming! we left the boys at home while E napped and we took ourselves to this little gem, pizzeria delfina. i don't know how i have missed this place for so long, if you're here in the city, please do yourself a favor and go here.

also, can i add how much it warms me to the bone to see Ean enjoy being around people. to see him interact and grow love for other people is such an amazing thing to see. i know i'll always be around but seeing him be comfortable with other people is something i just can't explain. happy weekend everyone! stay warm! 

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