Thursday, February 21, 2013

valentine's day

i just realized i never got around to posting our valentine's day pictures. we didn't do a whole lot but hey it was Ean's FIRST VALENTINE'S DAY! 

i knew while pregnant with Ean i wanted to be that obnoxious mama who celebrated everything. i mean everything. the first rolling over act, the first smile, and of course all the made up holidays that most people think are silly. valentine's day being one of those, it was an excuse to buy some paper and take cute pictures. my babe was such a good sport but let's get real all the dude had to do was smile. i would be the one sewing the hearts onto card stock (yeah, i sewed them) and addressing those envelopes. 

so we took some photos...

then i mailed them to 23 lucky valentines, whom Ean picked out himself. ;)

then the morning of we woke daddy up with presents...

^^^Ean picked those nibblers out himself, seriously what a thoughtful dude.

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