Wednesday, February 20, 2013

these pictures

i'm sitting here on the floor typing, with my stomach squishing Ean's stuffed carrot. he really loves this carrot, his broccoli too but i think the carrot is his favorite. (shh...don't tell mr. broccoli.) today has been somewhat exhausting. we've done nothing more than the usual schedule. wake up, play, clean up a bit, E naps, I maybe get dressed, E wakes up, play on the floor, read books, maybe take a walk..(insert something different)...the same ole stuff. somehow though today was tiring, all i could think of was putting E to sleep and then lastly putting myself to sleep. yet, i sit here at 10:29 still awake, E being asleep since 7, and not being able to sleep myself. maybe it's because the kitchen is a disaster or maybe it's because Eric isn't ready for bed yet either. who knows. all i know is these pictures are my favorite and i love this little baby boy with my whole heart.

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