Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the park scene

a couple weekends ago while hanging out at my mom's house, i decided, hey let's go to the park. hoping there was a baby swing to put Ean in, we put on his crab hat, buckled him in the smaller stroller, and walked to the park. we were let down. actually, i think i was more let down. Eric didn't care, he just likes to walk and Ean didn't even know what the heck a swing was. whatever. i went down the slide with him, he looked at me like i was nuts. maybe i shouldn't rush the whole park scene? at the same time though, i can't wait for his little cheeks to get all red from rushing all over the jungle gym. or his first little boo boo he will get from trying to attempt that slide that's way too big for him.

i should stop. i'm getting really teary eyed just thinking about it.

my baby boy is 7 months today. i can't even believe it. how the heck did it go by so fast? someone please hit the slow motion button.

but then again, don't. i'm loving every second of this little boy. Ean we love you so much.

we are off the to grocery store right now, Ean is making every one pulled pork sandwiches for his celebration. thanks, dude.

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