Friday, April 12, 2013

laying low

^^from the ferry building farmer's market a couple weekends ago
well, it's finally the weekend. i feel like i say that every weekend? maybe i do. whatever. any who  i think this weekend we are laying low. Ean has been dying to ride the carousel over in Golden Gate park, so hopefully we get to do that! (which means, Ean's mama can't wait to take a picture of him riding some plastic horse that probably has a zillon germs on it. :)

speaking of germs...i scrubbed the floors last night, like bleached the crap outta them. is it weird that when i have a container of bleach in my hands i feel powerful? probably. eric came home from class last night and said it smelled like dead bodies...? i had all the windows open but good thing Ean was asleep in his closet. (yes, he sleeps in the closet. more on that later.)

have a great weekend. xo

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