Friday, September 27, 2013

hey, it's friday!

^^one of the 3 times ean has let me cuddle him. thank goodness i have proof.
after an incredibly long week, with Ean being in and out of the hospital, we are finally feeling better. his blood levels are back up and his terrible fever is gone. thank you, universe.

so naturally ean needed a vacation. he's spending some quality time with his grandparents, while his parents pull their lives together. I have some school work and some sleeping to do this weekend. along, with some beers to drink and apartments to view. yes, we are moving! we are viewing a couple of places this weekend, in hopes of signing a lease within the month. it's so bittersweet. we are excited to have a bit of a bigger place but i can't help of thinking of all the sweet memories we have made here. enough of that though, i don't want to jinx it!

have a great weekend!

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