Tuesday, October 1, 2013

a play date + a ride on the carousel

^^come on!! doesn't your heart just wanna burst!

around noon this morning we met our friends, ellie and sky at the park for a play date. can i just say how much i love play dates? we've met up with this bunch a couple of other times and it's always so nice to be able to relate to someone. someone who gets what you're going through, knows all the struggles and worries a new mama has.

while we both giggled at the fact we survived the first year, our little boys were snacking on crackers and dirt. of course, ean kept taking off, trying to 'borrow' the toys from the playdate across the park. we then saw the carousel in the park was running! 2 dollars later, 2 baby boys had smiles on their faces as we went round and round and round.

then we came home and E slept for 2 hours. and i called on apartments. shocker. 
oh yeah, we didn't get that first place. sigh. i guess it wasn't mean to be.

happy tuesday!

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