Wednesday, October 2, 2013

naughty things

today ean and i were getting pretty restless around the house. dad had tons of homework, the mounds of laundry on the couch were piling up and frankly i didn't want to deal with it. so what do you do when you're avoiding laundry and need a break from apartment hunting, you go to target.

i stopped to get a latte at Starbucks before we hustled through the store, then i decided i'd buy ean his first chocolate milk. BAD IDEA. well, for two minutes he was cool, drinking through the straw, sipping away, looking at me with the cutest face... 'did you really just give me sugared, chocolate soy milk?'

yeah kid i did.

for a second i though, 'wow this is really cool, i love this age. he can drink and chill out. this is the moment i always pictured. buying pointless things at target with my main (smaller) guy.

but wait, it was too good to be true wasn't it, universe?

yeah, it was.

in less than 30 seconds his white shirt was covered in sticky crap, our cart was leaving a brown trail through the baby isle, and my caffeine kick was not kicking in it.

or wait, i don't even think we were that far, i think we were passing the cute boots when this mess started happening.

you're probably thinking, why the hell did you give him chocolate milk any way? my answer to you: because i can. because i love watching his little face experience something so naughty.

once i found some sunglasses i didn't need and we bought that candle that was on sale, we left.

drove home and took a nap. the end.

good thing we bought ean a toothbrush today.

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